2~Coconut Milk

-2 cups of water; 1 medium-sized coconut (water and flesh)

Made about 1 L/4 cups

White and thick

After being in the fridge a couple of hours the water and flesh separated. The flesh was thick, oily, a bit like the texture of processed coconut for cooking.
After a few seconds in the blender…it looked and smelled so beautiful I decided to not use the hemp milk bag that came with my Vita-Mix Raw Foodist package.
It was my first time buying a coconut. I went searching for a David Wolfe video where I recalled him opening one…but realized he had a different coconut.
Now I know the brown husky part (endocarp) is the ‘pit’ inside the coconut.
I had bought a cleaver thinking I needed it…then realized I could have used the butt of my french knife. (i held the cleaver by the handle but upside down to hit the coconut with the back edge of the blade)
Found a good video explaining how to make a crack by hitting the coconut near the center. (the seam) Doing it over a bowl so the water isn’t lost. Then cracking the rest open…into smaller pieces…then ideally using a grapefruit knife to take the white flesh (meat!) off, and finally a peeler to get the thin brown skin (testa) off of that.
I didn’t have a grapefruit knife so used an old semi-flexible steak knife. It took awhile and would have been much easier to cut myself than if i’d used a grapefruit knife. However…I came away unscathed. Patience. Presence. lol
Here’s another coconut opening video I found that I thought was fun:

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