14~Hummus (pt.2)

I had two large containers from the first attempt at hummus which tasted bland and fibrous. I squeezed the juice of 3 lemons and divided it. Took the remaining cumin (1 heaping tablespoon) and ground it with a mortar and pestle and divided it. Added two tablespoons olive oil to both. Added 1/4 raw sesame seeds to both. Used up the rest of the garlic bulb for both…so about another 3 large cloves for both.
Dumped in the new ingredients and one container of the hummus from before. (about 2 1/2 cups) Also about 1 1/2 cups of water as I was so afraid the motor would burn out again. It came out fairly watery and still bland.
I checked the recipe I was following in the Vita-Mix book wondering what was missing. Then realized i’d read somewhere about tahini being in hummus. The Vita-Mix recipe didn’t call for tahini.
I still had about 3/4 cup of raw sunflower seeds so decided to make tahini and add it to the hummus. Would have been nice if i’d remembered to add the olive oil to the tahini…lol…but the blender survived and it came out as a dry paste. Not so ‘peanut-buttery’ as was suggested. Being ‘raw’ sunflower seeds may have made a major taste difference too…but I wasn’t about to get into roasting anything.
So now I had more tahini than I needed for both batches of hummus…but one was already mixed. I decided to attack the other yet unmixed batch and try and compensate for the lack of oil in the tahini by adding it to the whole hummus/tahini combination.
The blender was struggling…and I added 1 cup of water. But when it was finished it looked more like the hummus consistency, yet the taste was still missing something. I’d been avoiding salt…and wasn’t about to use it. I decided my hummus experiment was over and that perhaps the lack of ‘roasting’ of the tahini may have been the cause for a bland taste.
The taste wasn’t bad…but I hate wasting stuff…so mixed it with the other watery batch of hummus and reduced the taste.
I’ve never had so much hummus in my fridge. lol  Will I actually eat it all?

May 15th entry: After consultations with those wiser than I…it appears that a lack of oil is at the root of the problem. However…i’m trying to escape the world of oil…so the humble garbanzo bean may never show its face in my kitchen again.Jump back to:  9~Hummus

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