18~Green Smoothie

-1/2 leaf kale; 1 leaf collards/swiss chard?! (ack! should have left the tags on); 1 cup unchopped parsley; 1 cup unchopped cress; 2 small pieces broccoli; 1 cup chopped cucumbers; 1 mango; 2 banana; 1 heaping teaspoon goji berries; 1 heaping teaspoon hemp seeds; 1 heaping teaspoon sesame seeds; 1 level teaspoon ground sesame seeds; 8 level teaspoons coconut milk/paste; 1 heaping teaspoon of raw cacao nibs; 1 cup of water
Green in colour
Very similar to #17 as I divided everything up and just did a different combination of fruit. That is the real ‘taste factor’. Everything else…if in small quantities…is hidden in the fruit taste. The mango and banana make a real rich and thick consistency which I like. It makes the drink more creamy-like. No complaints from my daughter. It will make a good lunch tomorrow…and dinner for me.

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