Note 4 (types of Milk)

I’m still using the same coconut milk I made originally. Still another cup full in the fridge. I don’t know what to call it as I didn’t strain it so it is liquidy…but also pulpy. Really doesn’t matter in the smoothies as its taste is buried.

The almond milk has a more watery taste than the soy milk but it is not noticeable to me in the smoothies. My daughter complained a bit the first time saying she could notice, but it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. In breakfast cereal it is really noticeable and she wants soy back for that. I’ll see if I can find a small container of organic soy milk…but I really want to get away from it. I heard two years ago that it was heavily processed and so hard to digest. Then I saw The World According to Monsanto and wanted nothing to do with it. And yesterday I stumbled on a YouTube video from Dr. Mercola saying some more negative things about it. Funny how I too thought it was health food. Compared to dairy just about anything is I guess…but soy is not health food. I used to eat soy ‘beef’ in my lunch sandwich every day and soy milk in my cereal every morning. I’m so happy to have found some organic almond milk to replace it with. I really don’t want to get into the milk buying of any sort. Just more packaging and I guess a lot of it may not be ‘raw’ food either. Not sure what kind of almond milk I can make with the blender using raw almonds.


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