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This site is owned and operated by Mike Anderson, who is a medical researcher, author and filmmaker. Its purpose is to advance the cause of natural healing and serve as a gateway of information. Mike is part of a network of doctors, scientists and writers working together to advance the teaching of natural health. Mike has been honored for his work by being nominated for the Right Livelihood Award, better known as the alternative Nobel Prize.
A definition of “The Rave Diet”.
At 1:03′:00″ in the documentary “Eating” Mike Anderson says “There are all kind of plant-based or vegetarian diets. The problem with the word vegetarian is, I don’t know what it means anymore. Most vegetarians consume dairy. Some eat fish. Some eat eggs. These days some people even eat chicken and call themselves vegetarians. Vegans eat no animal products whatsoever, but they don’t explicitly prohibit refined foods. In other words, you could eat donuts and suck on sodas all day and be a vegan. And some teenage vegans do exactly this. In order to be as explicit as possible i’ve come up with the Rave Diet. This is my word, but not my diet, because it follows the guidelines used by doctors to treat and reverse diseases. It’s just a simple acronym to remember the rules, which are:
-no Refined foods
-no Animal foods
-no Vegetable oils
-no Exceptions
…and exercise.
There is a cure for cancer. It’s called your immune system.
Mainstream medical authorities recommend a 30 percent fat diet. Yet there is not one instance where such a diet has either arrested or reversed heart disease. In fact that level of fat promotes heart disease. Why such a high fat recommendation? Because our esteemed health authorities readily accept money from food lobbies pushing high fat foods. And that money shapes their recommendations. Contrary to mainstream advice, which draws a distinction between good fat and bad fat, doctors who actually reverse heart disease say it’s not the type of fat that’s important…but the total amount of fat in your diet that is important. Not only does clinical evidence confirm this, but more importantly, actual heart disease reversal diets confirm this.
Health authorities who argue that a 30 percent fat diet is heart-healthy do not have a single case of heart disease arrest or reversal to point to. Not a single solitary individual. And it shouldn’t be for a lack of funding.
And it isn’t just coincidence that individuals throughout the world eating low-fat diets, do not get heart disease. Nor do they get our common cancers. The biggest killer in america today is the result of high-fat diets the american government and mainstream authorities are promoting…that are fueled by the money given to them by food lobbies pushing high fat foods.
Diet is the only cure for heart disease. Yet its lost in the news by drug companies developing evermore profitable drugs that do not cure the disease, but only server to keep americans on the very diet that causes heart disease.
Man walked out of Africa just 150,000 years ago. That’s the blink of an eye in terms of human evolution. In the mere span of just 100 years, we’ve become so accustomed to eating animal foods we think it’s the normal natural healthy way to eat. It isn’t.
We also think that dying of heart disease is a normal way of dying. It isn’t. Dying of heart disease is about as normal as dying of a drug overdose. And it shouldn’t happen at any age.
“Cancer is most frequent where carnivorous habits prevail.” Scientific American, 1892.
“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy.” Allen Levin, MD – University of California, San Francisco.
A successful cancer treatment is defined as surviving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for 5 years. If you die of cancer in the 6th year, the treatment is still considered a success.
“The war on cancer has been largely a fraud.” Linus Pauling Nobel Prize winner.
Show me a population eating an animal based diet, and i’ll show you a population where cancer is the second biggest killer…after heart disease.
In fact, heart disease and cancer are the two hallmark diseases of an animal based diet.
In 1971 president Nixon declared a war on cancer and promised a cure for the disease within 7 years. We all know that didn’t happen. The war on cancer has not only been ineffective, but the search for a so-called cure has been totally misguided. Now close your blinds, turn down the volume…and make sure no one else is watching. Because i’m about to let you in on a dirty little secret…ready? We already have a cure for cancer. It’s called the immune system. Your immune system not only protects you against colds and flu’s, but it’s been protecting humans from cancer since the very beginning. It’s the only cure for cancer we have. Always has been, and always will be. The biggest cause of cancer is not radiation, chemicals in the water, or pollutants in the air. But a weakened immune system that cannot recognize and kill cancer cells.
In other words, you can’t prevent cancer. You’re going to get cancer cells in your body. The average adult gets at least one cancer cell in their body every single day. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.
The question is not whether you’ll get cancer, but whether your immune system is healthy enough to kill cancer cells and stop them from multiplying.
Autopsy studies have shown that by age 50, almost half of all women have breast cancer, and 40 percent of men have prostate cancer. And nearly all americans have some form of cancer growing inside their bodies.
This is because our immune systems have become seriously weakened due to our change in diet. This is why populations eating animal based diets are plagued with cancers. And those eating plant-based diets are not. Don’t look to the cancer industry for a cure. The cure for cancer is right inside you. And the only way to win your personal war on cancer is to strengthen your immune system by changing your diet.
Plant foods are the only foods that strengthen the immune system, and contain cancer fighting nutrients. So a change to a plant-based diet turns out to be the only real cure for cancer we have. The strongest cancer fighting medicines on the planet don’t have scary names, and they’re not found in hospitals…but in your humble grocery store.
“Treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing disease is not.” British Cancer Control Society
If a drug could do for cancer what vegetables do, everyone would be taking it.
“The amount of antioxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” Richard Cutler, MD National Institutes of Health.
If you’re like many americans, you might be thinking…but animal foods have nutrients i’ve been told I can’t live without. Please enter the fantasy land of the animal food industries.
In order to keep their profits healthy, some monumental myths have been cooked up about animal foods. If you worry about not getting enough protein. Or if you think that milk builds strong bones. You’ve been brainwashed, and your eating habits have been programmed by advertisements.
Both protein and calcium requirements are stupendously easy to meet. In the case of protein you could eat nothing but potatoes and get adequate amounts of protein. In other words, you’d practically have to be starving not to get enough protein. Protein deficiency is extremely rare, except in areas of the world where people actually are starving. It’s really pathetic. We’re the fattest nation on the planet. We eat like horses. And we worry about something that will open happen if we’re starving. Instead of your first nutrition worry, protein should be your rock bottom last. And if you’re worried that not eating animal protein will somehow your compromise your health, make you weaker, or less manly…nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Animal food actually food makes you weaker. In every endurance test ever conducted, those eating plant-based diets outperformed their meat-eating counterparts. In fact when participants adopted a diet high in meat, milk and eggs…they all performed worse. And olympian Carl Lewis had the best year of his career, the first year he switched to a 100 percent plant-based diet.
Lori Ann Lloyd had fuels her body with a plant-based diet and that has won her a world record in the obstacle course, and her record still stands unbeaten.
For centuries men have held on to the false notion, that eating meat, especially red meat, will make them stronger and more masculine. But in fact, not only does it diminish their physical performance, but men end up far less viral because their arteries get clogged. And among many other things…clogged blood vessels cause impotence. Not too manly.
High fat meals also cause fatigue, and make you limp. Get your Viagra in vegetables not a pill. The meat myth is simply a fairy tale.
Get your protein without the fat and cholesterol. You’ll not only open your arteries but your love life as well.
All the foods listed here will easily meet your protein and other manly requirements. The protein content of many plant foods is higher than beef, and unlike beef, these foods will never clog up your plumbing.
In order of protein amount:
05 Pecans
05 Bananas
08 Grapefruit
08 Watermelon
08 Oranges
08 Cherries
08 Brown rice
09 Cantaloupe
10 Carrots
11 Potatoes
11 Barley
12 Almonds
12 Cashews
13 Walnuts
15 Corn
17 Wheat
18 Peanuts
18 Wild rice
20 Tomatoes
22 Artichokes
22 Cabbage
23 Chickpeas
23 Squash
24 Cucumbers
26 Beef
26 Green beans
26 Kidney beans
26 Pinto beans
29 Lentils
32 Broadbeans
38 Asparagus
43 Soybeans
44 Brussels sprouts
45 Broccoli
49 Spinach
Calcium brainwashing is even worse than protein brainwashing, in that you’ll consume adequate amounts of calcium on any natural diet. In fact calcium deficiency of a dietary origin is not only unknown in the United States, but there has not been a single recorded instance of calcium deficiency of a dietary origin in the entire history of the human race. Despite this fact, the dairy industry claims that americans somehow have a calcium deficiency and big surprise, we’re told we have to consume more dairy products. But why would americans be so special and have this calcium deficiency, when populations around the world do not. And those populations consume a fraction of the calcium americans do, they have no osteoporosis problem, and they get their calcium from plant foods, not dairy products. The reason americans are so special is because dairy lobbies have paid off politicians and set U.S. calcium requirements sky-high, in order to sell their products. In other words, the same people selling calcium, are setting our calcium requirements. And dietitians, doctors and the public have bought in to this, because the government promotes dairy products. In fact, the amount of calcium you consume has nothing to do with bone loss. We’re among the worlds biggest consumers of calcium and the more we consume, the more calcium ends up in the toilet, and the greater our incidence of osteoporosis.
To think the mere act of consuming more calcium, like taking a magic pill, will somehow make bones strong, is pure and simple advertising. The primary cause of osteoporosis is a lack of weight-bearing activity due to a sedentary work and lifestyle.
An example of how a lack of weight-bearing activity affects bone loss comes from astronauts. Because they experience severe bone loss due to their gravity free environment.
In a similar fashion, people who are bed ridden for long periods also suffer rapid bone loss.
Bones are just like muscles, they get stronger and grow only when you put them under stress. Just as muscles get stronger when you exercise them.
In the past, we used to get paid for physical activity. Now we get paid for sitting in chairs all day. In the past, american women have had far less physical activity than men, and this is the primary reason osteoporosis strikes women harder than men. Physical activity is also the reason why women throughout the world, who consume very low amounts of calcium, keep their strong bones during and after menopause. Contrary to what you’ve been told, bone loss does not occur with age. It occurs when people become less active. You’ll get enough calcium on any diet. Let your body determine the amount of calcium it needs, not the dairy industry. What you have to do, is make your bones want to be stronger by exercising them. If they don’t feel that need, like the bones of astronauts in space, they’ll become weaker.
We live in a strange world when it comes to eating. Don’t you think it’s strange that one-third of our raw materials and fossil fuels are consumed raising animals to eat?
Don’t you think it’s strange that, with the fuel used to create just a single hamburger you could drive a car 20 miles?
Don’t you think it’s strange that it’s actually cheaper to drive a car any distance, than to walk that same distance, if your calories came from beef?
Don’t you think it’s strange that hamburger, one of the most resource intensive and expensive foods on the planet, costs less than raspberries?
Ever wonder how it’s possible, that fast food chains can still sell a hamburger for 99 cents?
It’s possible because of politics.
Because our politicians provide massive subsidies to the animal food industries in return for political campaign financing. And without these subsidies, the cost of animal foods would be like it was in the past, and only the wealthy would be eating themselves to death. Because beef steak today would cost over 90 dollars a pound without these subsidies.
You may think you’re calling the shots when you’re preparing meals. But there’s a politician in your kitchen. And he’s already decided what you’ll be eating tonight.
In fact, the most health dangerous eating habit in human history, is purely the result of government interference in the marketplace.
Not only do animal food industries get subsidies to keep them in business, but they get a determining influence on our nutrition policies as well. The animal food lobbies have had their claws in to everything from designing the government food pyramid, to staffing government bureaucracies, to setting our nutritional standards. And having these industries on government committees that decide what’s healthy for americans is like having Joe Camel on a committee designed to help people quit smoking.
This is why so many americans do everything right, yet die from following government guidelines.
Food industries spend 30 billion dollars a year marketing their products. The marketing effort to promote natural whole foods is a mere 30 million dollars a year. In other words we spend over 100 dollars per person each year promoting foods that cause disease and shorten lives, and only a dime promoting foods that prevent disease and prolong lives.
The average consumer doesn’t have a chance. Between government endorsement of animal products and heavy advertising the typical american eats like a trained seal. And the training starts early. The average child is exposed to over 10,000 food messages on television every year. And our eating habits are an exact reflection of marketing efforts. Sad as this may sound, the best thing you can do for your childs health is to turn off the television.
When I first changed to a plant-based diet, I switched overnight.
And my diet evolved as I learned more about food.
I can’t imagine myself ever eating any other way. It’s the most delicious and varied diet I can conceive of, and those who think otherwise…simply haven’t tried it.
It’s not like you have to eat brussel sprouts all day. This is really an old-fashioned diet.
All you have to do is reorient your thinking about food. We’re all attached to our favourite animal foods and it’s difficult to give them up. So if you’re unprepared for a complete switch, do the best you can by gradually replacing foods in your diet. I would suggest you first switch to meat, egg and dairy substitutes. Because they don’t contain cholesterol. And second, eat the old-fashioned way by making animal foods only a very occasional part of your diet. Until you feel comfortable making a complete switch. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. Your diet can evolve, but keep pushing it. The closer you move to a complete plant-based diet, the greater the health benefits.
There are all kind of plant-based or vegetarian diets. The problem with the word vegetarian is, I don’t know what it means anymore. Most vegetarians consume dairy. Some eat fish. Some eat eggs. These days some people even eat chicken and call themselves vegetarians. Vegans eat no animal products whatsoever, but they don’t explicitly prohibit refined foods. In other words, you could eat donuts and suck on sodas all day and be a vegan. And some teenage vegans do exactly this. In order to be as explicit as possible i’ve come up with the Rave Diet. This is my word, but not my diet, because it follows the guidelines used by doctors to treat and reverse diseases. It’s just a simple acronym to remember the rules, which are:
-no Refined foods
-no Animal foods
-no Vegetable oils
-no Exceptions
…and exercise.
“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.” Albert Schweitzer Nobel Prize winner
Raising animals to eat is the most inefficient wasteful and environmentally destructive method of producing food imaginable.
This may surprise you but, we grow far more food to feed the animals we eat than we grow to feed ourselves. Farm animals consume over 80 percent of american corn, 80 percent of american grain, and over 95 percent of american oats.
87 percent of our total agricultural land is dedicated to raising the animals we eat. That’s almost half of the entire landmass in the U.S.. Almost 90 percent of deforestation is due to our appetite for beef. To date, over 260,000,000 acres of forest have been destroyed to provide cattle with grazing land. And another acre disappears every 8 seconds.
The massive amount of crops grown to feed livestock and water pastures, consumes over half of the fresh water supply in the U.S.. It takes 12,000 gallons of fresh water to produce just one pound of beef, versus 60 gallons to produce a pound of potatoes. 12 miles of the San Joaquin river are now completely dry, because water has been diverted to grow crops for farm animals. In some areas so much water has been diverted from hydroelectric dams, that nuclear power plants have had to be constructed to make up for the loss of power. The average american uses just 106 gallons of water a day for domestic needs. But if they eat a quarter pound hamburger, their daily consumption of water jumps by 3000 gallons. In the year 2000 the average american consumed 69 pounds of beef, and a total of 225 pounds of meat. By giving up meat you’d be saving over a million gallons of fresh water every year. If you added to the price of beef just the water subsidies alone, hamburger would cost 35 dollars a pound. Instead of tinkering with your toilets and shower heads, reducing meat consumption is the best way to conserve our fresh water supplies.
Our diet is not only using huge amounts of water, but it’s actually depleting our fresh water supplies. The largest source of fresh water in the world will be completely dry in less than 50 years. And once it dries up the bread basket of the U.S. will turn into a dust bin. That’s the legacy our diet will leave to our children.
“At the end of the line, the birds are no cleaner than if they had been dipped in a toilet.” Gerald Kuester, USDA
“We used to trim the sh– off the meat. Then we washed the sh– off the meat. Now the consumer eats the sh– off the meat.” USDA meat inspector
Eating animals not only consumes half our water, but their excrement pollutes the other half. In fact, farm animals produce 130 times more waste than people do. And yet, not one feed lot or farm in america is required to have a proper sewage system. Its become so bad that animal waste flowing down the Mississippi River has made an area the size of New Jersey totally uninhabitable to marine life. It’s called the “Dead Zone”. E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and all the other fancy scientific names used to describe food pathogens all boil down to the same thing for the consumer, there’s animal excrement in your food. Its become so bad that E. coli is now the leading cause of kidney failure among american children. Modern meat is so burdened with animal waste you could actually clean it in your toilet. It’s safer eating a carrot anywhere but in your kitchen if meat has been there. Packaged meat now carries a warning label telling consumers to wash everything that’s even come in to contact with meat. The reason you have to cook it so long is to make sure the animal excrement is safe for you to eat. It’s no longer a question of whether there’s manure in your meat. It’s a question of how to deal with it. The meat industries answer is not to get rid of it, but to nuke the whole package with radiation. Now all you have to worry about is getting used to the taste of a mouth full of dead bacteria from fried farm animal feces.
We’re also depleting our oceans of marine life, and setting in motion a trend that some say will result in the wholesale collapse of marine ecosystems within 40 years. Using sophisticated technology to sweep the oceans with massive nets, we’re now taking more fish out of the ocean than can reproduce. And wreaking havoc on the very foundation of life on Earth. The irony is that farm animals eat far more fish than people do. In fact, half of the worlds fish catch is fed to livestock. As it turns out, the best first step you can take to help save the oceans is to stop eating farm animals.
Were also losing our biological diversity because of our appetite for beef. For decades the U.S. government had a program designed to totally exterminate wolves in order to protect cattle. Currently the U.S. government slaughters 1.5 million animals every year to protect cattle. This is yet another government subsidy that benefits a few large corporations. These are just some of the victims:
1:17′:00″ (images and video of animal cruelty – animals traps)
Badgers; Beavers; Black bears; Black birds; Bobcats; Cattle egrets; Coyotes; Gray foxes; Mountain lions; Nutrias; Opossums; Porcupines; Prairie dogs; Racoons; Red foxes; Starlings; Striped skunks; Timber wolves.
Animal-based Diet
-Consumes 1/3 of raw materials and fossil fuels
-Uses half of fresh water
-Pollutes half of fresh water
-Depletes fresh water
-Poisons food supply
-Destroys topsoil
-Destroys biodiversity
-Destroys species
“…the less the consumer knows about what’s happening before the meat hits the plate, the better.” Peter R. Cheeke Professor of Animal Science
“Based on my experience in Los Angeles, my advice to the public is not to eat meat.” Gregorio Natavidad Meat Inspector
“I don’t eat chicken anymore. I won’t eat it. I won’t allow it in my house.” Rodney Leonard U.S. Poultry Inspector
“Forget the pig is an animal. Treat him just like a machine in a factory.” Hog Farm Management
1:18′:24″ (images and video of animal cruelty – farm practices)
Are farm animals are neither happy or healthy. In fact they’re tortured, disease ridden, drugged up, cancer carrying shadows of the old-fashioned farm animals your great grandparents ate.
Modern farms view animals as machines which can be manipulated to produce more offspring, lay more eggs, produce more milk, and grow faster and fatter than ever before.
Farm animals are genetically altered and systematically mutilated to squeeze the last penny from them before they end up on your plates. The pictures not pretty. In fact the modern farm is more like a concentration camp for animals. Pigs have their ears snipped, their teeth clipped, their tails cut, and the males are castrated…all without anaesthetic. Chickens have their beaks cut off. Bulls are castrated to increase their body fat, and they have their horns cut. Due to their extreme confinement, animals develop deformities, are chronically sick, and live just a fraction of their normal lifespan. Pigs are confined to small pens that cause them to get crippling legs disorders. 80 percent of pigs have Pneumonia, and many are so weak they can barely walk to the slaughter-house truck. Chickens are so riddled with disease and depleted of calcium, their bones will shatter when their pulled from their cages. Their confinement is so extreme their feet actually grow around the bare wire of the cage. One government report estimates that 90 percent of chickens have cancer when they enter our food supply. It shouldn’t be surprising that chickens get feed additives to make their skin and the yolks of their eggs look healthy. Egg-laying chickens born male simply have no purpose because their not profitable. They can’t lay eggs and their not worth feeding because they don’t grow fast enough. Life greets them with a lethal gassing, a broken neck, or decapitation. Another favourite method is to throw the chicks alive into grinders. Often they are simply thrown in to trash cans where they suffocate or their crushed. 280 million chicks meet their deaths in these ways every year. And every egg you eat supports this practice.
Due to genetic manipulation and drugs, broiler chickens have to be slaughtered within 2 months, or they’ll die of a heart attack or other diseases caused by their exploding growth. Turkeys suddenly jump in to the air, let out a squawk, and fall over dead. Their hearts full of blood clots.
If you’re a lover of pate, you should know that what you’re eating is diseased liver from force-fed geese and ducks. In order to produce this diseased liver, farmers shove a pipe down their throats and pump food in to them.
Veal calves are immediately taken from their mothers and put in to crates so small they can hardly move. Chains are put around their necks to restrict movements so their muscles won’t develop and their meat will be tender. Veal calves are fed an iron free milk substitute designed to make them anemic which results in their light coloured flesh. Ironically, people who eat veal think the lighter flesh is somehow healthier. Nothing could be further from the truth. The veal calf is a very sick, malnourished animal. Many veal eaters also think the tender flesh comes from a particular breed of calf. They’re wrong. It’s the result of an unusually cruel confinement. Veal calves are byproducts of the constant pregnancies of dairy cows. So there’s a little bit of veal calf in every single dairy product you consume.
Every time you eat dairy, you’re supporting this cruel practice.
Dairy cows live a fraction of their natural lives, because they’re literally milked to death. Due to their high output, cows lose so much calcium their bones become rippled liked potato chips. The constant pregnancies, drugs, and unprecedented milk production, keep dairy cows on the brink of death. Their so susceptible to disease, 80 percent of cows have Leukemia, and 50 percent of cows have the animal equivalent of AIDS. After a few years of constant milking, cows are completely spent. Many simply fall down and can’t get up. No one knows why cows are falling down. But many suspect it’s because cows are now eating other cows…and other farm animals.
“Goddamn it, these cattle are…designed to eat grass and, maybe, grain…They are not designed to eat other animals.” Former editor of Meat and Poultry
“Cattle feed now contains things like chicken manure and dead cats.” U.S. News and World Report, 1997
1:24′:55″ (images and video of animal cruelty – farm practices)
Cows evolved to eating grass. Yet the cows we eat today have rarely even seen real grass. In fact, modern farms have turned in to cannibals. Forcing them to eat recycled cows and other animals…including dogs, cats, other domestic pets, other farm animals, road kill, and circus animals.
Just as our own eating habits have been turned upside down, we’ve turned the eating habits of farm animals upside down. And now their eating each other.
And while the meat industry insists there’s no problem with farm animal cannibalism, this practice has resulted in brain wasting diseases among farm animals. Including Mad Cow disease. Based on autopsy reports, many suspect this practice is caused a totally new form disease to emerge in humans, with symptoms identical to Alzheimer’s disease. Autopsy studies of Alzheimer victims reveal up to 13 percent of these victims did not have Alzheimer’s at all…but the human form of Mad Cow disease. In other words, as a result of eating farm animals, you could develop the human form of mad cow disease and acquire symptoms identical to Alzheimer’s. There are 4 million people in the U.S. with Alzheimer’s disease. Based on autopsy studies there may be 100’s of thousands of people who are slowly losing their minds because of their appetite for meat.
This is just a glimpse at some of the food preparation techniques used at modern farms.
1:26′:45″ (images and video of animal cruelty – mutations)
Today, geneticists are hard at work to create farm animal freaks. Animals without legs, and chickens without beaks, wings, feet and feathers…in order to enhance the automated delivery of saturated fat and cholesterol to your plate. Soon the standard american diet may be full of meat from animals without legs sitting in a supported position, giving milk, or growing fat for the slaughter-house. And yet, you’ll still see the old-fashioned farm animals in advertising or on the outside of slaughterhouse walls.
“A Texas beef company…was found chopping the hooves off live cattle. Hogs are squealing and kicking as they are being lowered into the boiling water.” Senator Robert C. Byrd – July 9, 2001
(images and video of animal cruelty – slaughter)
The american eating habit is supporting a system of animal cruelty on a scale never before seen in history. Some of you may think, this is only cruelty against animals dumb enough to eat. But would you eat your dog? Or cat? Or horse? Indians consider cows to be part of the family. We eat them. We consider dogs to be part of the family. Asians eat them. Most people say their animal lovers, yet they eat farm animals three times a day. And yet farm animals are as feeling as any household pet, and in many cases far more intelligent. How humans decide what animals they eat defies all logic, because there’s no difference between a slice of dog meat in Korea, and a slice of bacon in Kansas. When we talk to animals, or touch them, our blood pressure falls…and so does theirs. The animals we eat have come to trust humans for their care. And we violate that trust every time we make them in to a meal. You can make this double-standard disappear, improve your health and the environment as well…by simply not eating them.
“98 percent of all animals abused and killed are those we eat.”
Not only does eating animals cause degenerative diseases, but eating animals has also caused the major infectious diseases in our history. Including Smallpox, Influenza, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Plague, Measles and Cholera. (Chicken Pox, Commons Colds, HIV, Ebola Virus; SARS) These diseases have emerged as a result of taking animals out of their natural habitats and putting them in to unnatural settings where their diseases mutate and eventually infect humans. Primarily due to our increasing appetite for animals, 75 percent of all new infectious diseases discovered during the last 30 years have come from animals. The new strains of influenza and other diseases now coming out of asia, are the direct result of Asians changing to an animal based diet. In an effort to stop these diseases, 70 percent of our antibiotic supply is not used on humans at all…but farm animals. And as bacteria become resistant to antibiotics used on farm animals, it makes them less effective on humans. In just two decades, penicillin has become only 18 percent as effective as it once was against common bacteria. In trying to prevent diseases in animals, so we can eat them, we have made ourselves more vulnerable to the very diseases we are trying to prevent. As a result of eating animals, we not only kill ourselves with degenerative diseases, but we kill ourselves with infectious diseases that leap from the animals we eat…to man. The biggest killer of humans in the history of life on this planet…in fact, turns out to be the human appetite for animals.
We kill billions of wild animals to protect the animals we eat.
We then destroy our environment to feed the animals we eat.
We spend more time, money and resources fattening the animals we eat, than we do feeding humans that are actually starving.
The greatest irony is that after all the expense of raising these animals, we eat them…and they kill us.
And instead of recognizing this insanity, we torture and kill millions of other animals trying to find a cure to the diseases caused by eating animals in the first place.
When it comes to eating, humans are without question the dumbest animals on the planet.
The typical american eats over 3000 farm animals in a lifetime.
Here is what Time Magazine has said about the health and environmental costs of our eating habit:
“Much as we have awakened to the full economic and social costs of cigarettes, we will find we can no longer subsidize or ignore the cost of mass producing cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep and fish, to feed our growing population. These costs include hugely inefficient use of fresh water and land, heavy pollution from livestock feces, rising rates of heart disease and other degenerative illnesses, and spreading destruction of our forests on which much of the planets life depends.” Time Magazine November 8, 1999.
According to some, humans are now consuming natural resources than the Earth can sustain. And eating animal foods is one of the major reasons. Were currently locked in a vicious cycle of corporate greed that feeds off the political system, destroys american bodies, devastates the environment, and has turned our farms in to something we should all be ashamed of.
You now have an opportunity to do something great. Not just for your self, but for your children, and generations to come. The simple act of changing your diet will not only give you a healthier and longer life, but will help reverse an eating habit that’s destroying the very fabric of our lives. It all starts with one person, and if enough people change their diets…our modern eating habit can be transformed in to something we can all be proud of. That not only benefits our bodies, but the world we live in.
Thank you for joining me today.
Here are just a few people you may recognize who have made it publicly known they have adopted a plant-based diet:
Bob Barker; Isaac Bashevis Singer; Dyan Cannon; Jean Jacques Rousseau; Steve Martin; Epicurus; Cicely Tyson; Franz Kafka; Vanessa Williams; Plato; Claudia Schiffer; Bob Dylan; Carl Lewis; Drew Barrymore; Steve Jobs; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Joanne Woodward; Keenan Ivory Wayans; Coretta Scott King; Alec Baldwin; Ovid; Chevy Chase; Pamela Anderson; Little Richard; Paul McCartney; Joan Rivers; Alicia Silverstone; David Bowie; Billie Jean King; Dick Gregory; John Cleese; Kimberley Hefner; James Cromwell; Kim Basinger; Johnny Weissmuller; Michael Bolton; Leonardo da Vinci; Helen Hunt; Ariel and Will Durant; Richard Gere; Jilianna Marguiles; David Duchovny; John Harvey Kellogg; Marilu Henner; Bill Cosby; William Wordsworth; Mick Jaggar; Mary Tyler Moore; Voltaire; Edwin Moses; Tatum O’Neal; Tobey Maguire; Anthony Hopkins; Ringo Starr; Vincent Van Gogh; Chelsea Clinton; Willem Dafoe; Amanda Holden; Pierce Brosnan; Ashley Judd; Hans Christian Andersen; Carl Sagan ;Linus Pauling; Juliette Binoche; John Tesh; Daryl Hannah; George Bernard Shaw; Julia Stiles; Marcus Aurelius; Elizabeth Berkley; Henry Heimlich; Christie Brinkley; Leo Tolstoy; Anthony Robbins; Mark Twain; Norman Cousins; Chris Evert; Herodotus; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Dennis Weaver; Jack LaLanne; Gary Player; Leonard Nimoy; Mary Shelley; Plutarch; Susan B. Anthony; Cesar Chavez; Hesiod; Dustin Hoffman; Pythagoras; Arthur C. Clarke; John Denver; Doris Day; Paul Newman; Valorie Hutchins; Irving Wallace; Martina Navratilova; Desmond Howard; Jerry Seinfeld; Candace Bergen; Liv Tyler; Sir Isaac Newton; Charles Darwin; Albert Einstein

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