Note 8 (vitamin supplements)

I’ve been taking vitamin and mineral supplements for longer than I can recall.
Here’s a list of what I take on a daily basis…the Vitamin D supplement is a recent addition after seeing this video last year. There was also a recent study in France also reporting immune system benefits of Vitamin D. (another study related to mortality) The ones I take are for vegan’s. The difference between the vegan supplements, and the other supplements (or natural sources like fish, shiitake mushrooms, etc) is that the vegan supplements don’t build up in your system. Therefore the downside is you have to keep buying and taking them. Getting 15 minutes of full-body sunshine will give you more than enough. (sunscreen and window glass blocks Vitamin D: ref1. ref2. ref3)

New Chapter Organics, Everyman – (1/day)

Natural Factors, Calcium and Magnesium Citrate Plus Potassium & Zinc – (2/day)

Genestra Brand, D3 1000 Chewable – (3/day)

June 7th entry:
I’ve stopped the multivitamin and calcium supplement. The D3 will be taken when I don’t get much sun. I’ve purchased some spirulina to get B12.


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  1. A year later and i’m still not taking supplements anymore. I feel no difference and am glad i’ve made this decision. What i’m doing is a bit of an experiment. I’m trusting the logic that…the food i’m eating has what I need.

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