35~Almond Milk

-5? cups  soaked raw almonds; 6 medjool dates; 5 cups water

Made 1.5 L/ 6 cups (after straining)

It’s a nice off-white colour, smooth and mildly sweet taste. I love it.

I soaked the almonds over-night, but hear 2 hours would be enough. I actually filled the blender container with this. It made me nervous because it was almost full and I saw that the mixture was too creamy, and I wanted to add more dates as well. As always…i’m guessing a bit with the amounts. I bought a 536 g container of almonds and used it all. And I filled that once with water…then about half again. It wasn’t mixing well with an equal amount of water either. So although the blender probably wasn’t on for more than a total of 1 minute…it was getting warm. This blender gets so hot it can cook soup right in the container while blending. So I place my hand on the side of the container to monitor the temperature. I stopped the process for about 5-10 minutes…putting the container in the fridge to cool it down. Didn’t help much. But if i’d had the right amount of ingredients in it the first time, it would not have got so warm.

My first opportunity to use my nut-milk bag. I felt like a real human being, making my own food. It’s wonderful. I just put the bag in a large cooking pot and held one end of the top while pouring the milk in. Placed the container down and tied up the top and began squeezing. Probably spent a little over 5 minutes doing that…getting every drop out I could. You have to go gently or it will squirt all over the place. Close to the end I could twist the top to get more pressure into the husk inside. I opened the husk and figured i’d dump it right in to my compost…but it looked and smelled so good I had to try some. Dry and pasty. But very nice. I couldn’t think of how i’d use it…and there was at least 500 g of it. But it seemed like a shame to waste it. I suppose if one wasn’t picky about the smoothness of the milk, it might be nice enough leaving the husk in. (like I did with the coconut milk I made) Which means…I could have used it with the husk in my smoothies. It’s already turned into the soil…and I also thought that birds would love it. Good for bird feeders I bet.

Like I said…I don’t like the idea of wasting the leftover husk, but this milk tastes so much better than the organic milk I bought, and without the mysterious ingredients like “natural flavour”. And i’ve got a reusable/recyclable plastic container instead of a paper/foil box for garbage.

Thanks to Jennifer Cornbleet and the Vita-Mix recipes for hints on how to do this.

May 24th entry:
A few hours after it was in the fridge I noticed it separated. This morning a little stir put it back together and it tasted just as nice on its own, and when I blended it in to the granola. Although the granola nut mixture seemed to have lost something. (or…my taste buds needed waking up)  🙂

June 4th entry:
I originally listed the amount of almonds for this recipe as 3 cups and now believe it was incorrect. I estimated the cups by how big a container the almonds were in when purchased, and still dry. Because they expand after soaking, the amount is more likely 5 cups. But i’m guessing. I suggest referring to my later almond milk recipe linked to below. However this one did taste better.

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