38~Ranch Dressing

-1 cup soaked cashew pieces; juice of 1 lemon; 1 heaping tsp garlic powder; 1 heaping tsp onion powder; 1 heaping tsp dried dill; 1 heaping tsp dried basil; 1 pinch salt; 2 cups water

You guessed it…Jennifer Cornbleet did it. Thank you.  🙂

This is delicious. I’m afraid to throw more onion and garlic in…but may do so next time. I didn’t use fresh dill and basil as she does in the video.
Another experiment with the blender and toying with the low speeds to mix it up. This would not have been necessary if I had put the whole 2 cups of water in first, but I started with 1 cup…then another half…then another. I’m not sure the salt is so necessary. In Jennifer’s video she’s cautious with the fresh herbs and blends for just a second so as to not turn the dressing green. In my case it did not matter. I put it on high to try and mix it up well. Mine is thick enough to be a dip. Not thick…but thicker than milk.

I never got in to the wide variety of salad dressings that are popular. Most were too sweet and i’d opt for Italian Dressing…but still too sweet. That was long ago in my twenties and only in the past 5 or so years have I got in to salads again using balsamic vinaigrette dressings. So I can’t see I really knew what Ranch Dressing was supposed to taste like. But it doesn’t matter. This will make a great replacement. Delicious. Perhaps a bit overpowering of the veg in the salad…but that’s probably the western idea. Cover those yucky vegetables. My Australian friend pointed out the North American habit of soaking salads with too much dressing. Imagine…North Americans doing too much of something. Pah! Couldn’t be.  😉

May 24th entry:
Used it on a salad today. Tasted bland. Thinking I should put double the herbs and spices in. Of course…the salad was only romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber and a few too may onions.

May 26th entry:
Used it to mix in the not tuna pâté, and on its own today. Eating celery sticks and an enormous carrot with it. Didn’t improve the pâté much, and on its own it was kind of boring. I still have some left and may put more spice in it for next time to see if it is much better.
Used it in a salad for dinner…and put in 1 heaping tsp onion powder; 1 level tsp garlic powder, 1 level tsp dill, 1 level tsp basil…and all this to only about 1 cup of the dressing. I’m not saying it was bad…it just didn’t have much taste. Strange. Salad had very few onions, lots of tomato, romaine, a bit of celery and zucchini.

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