Solid 2 (granola cereal)

-1/2 cup soaked almonds; 1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds; 1/2 cup soaked walnuts; 1/2 cup raisins; 1 cup almond milk

Made about 3 cups

A little finer than granola but similar texture.

This ended up tasting very nice, but I had to improvise on the original recipe from Jennifer Cornbleet.

This was recommended by Jennifer to be done in a food processor. Having bought a number of foods, to try a few recipes with a food processor…and not wanting to spend the money on that device, I decided to try the Vita-Mix first to see if it would work. It worked well with the marinara sauce but even before I put the nuts and raisins in for this recipe, I felt it wouldn’t work. Perhaps if the nuts were all dry I could do it on low, but soaking them was probably crucial for this cereal and did result in the blender being useless.

The answer was obvious though…it needed liquid and I already had the almond milk i’d made for it. So after several times of testing half of my nut ingredients in the blender…running it on low for 2 seconds and hearing it whirling away without doing anything…stopping it…removing the container and stirring it up…putting it back…etc, I decided to drop in the raisins and about 1 cup of my fresh almond milk. (now cool from being in the fridge) I ran it on low for about 10 seconds and that was enough to get it looking a bit like small granola pieces.

I tasted a bit before I put the milk in and it tasted nice…but with the milk it was very much like a granola and tasted delicious. In typical western style my daughter and I ate too much. I added fresh organic blueberries but it was overkill. The blueberries spoiled the taste even though they were delicious. This dish was nice on its own. I suggest eating any fruit afterwards…although I guess it would depend on the sweetness of your milk and the fruit. An unsweetened milk with a really sweet fruit like strawberries might work.

I did not use the cinnamon (lol…because I bought chili powder by mistake and had no cinnamon) and did not use salt because i’d like to avoid it. I didn’t miss either of these…but i’m sure the cinnamon would have been nice.

So now I have half of the food left over. The raisins will keep in the cupboard, but the nuts are in the fridge in a container without water and i’m not sure how long they’ll last like that. I’ll be wanting to whip them up with milk in the next 24 hours…although Jennifer says her mixed nuts and raisins could be stored for up to 3 days in the fridge.

Anyways…great news that there is a way to avoid paying more money for more consumer products like a food processor, and still enjoy these solid raw recipes.

May 24th entry:
Took the nuts and milk out of the fridge and mixed them in the blender…forgetting the raisins. So put it all back in and blended with the raisins. Quick and simple…but made a bit too much again. It is a heavy meal.
I didn’t taste as sweet this morning. Perhaps the soaked nuts sitting in the fridge in a container without water are losing their taste? I thought at first it was the milk because it tasted more like the milks i’ve bought…nutty without the sweetness. But the milk on its own tastes the same…very nice.

May 25th entry:
This time I remembered to put the raisins in with it…but put the speed on a bit too fast (#5) for a bit too long (15 seconds) and there was no more granola texture. Porridge came to mind. Still good though. Actually…very good. Better than last time…and I don’t know why. Perhaps I put in more…well yes…I definitely put in more milk this time. So more milk made for a better taste. And I ate less…but it still feels heavy in my stomach. Nuts!  😉

May 27th entry:
Soaked a small amount of the nuts overnight. Equal amounts, and put half in the blender (1 cup?) and put in 4 dates instead of raisins. A bit too sweet. These are wonderfully sweet and fresh dates.  I was surprised that it still came out 2 portions as I was just making it for my daughter.

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