Solid 3 (not tuna pâté)

-1 cup soaked almonds; 1 cup soaked sesame seeds; 1/2 cup celery; 1/2 cup onion; 1/2 cup parsley; 1 level tsp salt; 1 cup water

A bit more improvising on a Jennifer Cornbleet recipe.
It looks like a tuna salad and with the salt tastes a bit like it.

Again, I tried this without the recommended food processor. In retrospect I probably could have put in a bit more water but it tastes good as-is. I put in the nuts and had to do quick bursts on low number 3. Taking the container off and stirring it up so the nuts that were not getting cut up were moved to the bottom. After a few tries of this I decided to use the tamper and it worked much better. If I stopped pushing the nuts down the blades would not mix it. Overheating the Vita-Mix was possible but I managed to avoid it.  With the blender on 3 I pushed for at least 2 minutes. It came out a lot like the granola except more finely chopped. Not watery. Not chunky. More fibrous than a paste. And unlike Jennifer’s mine had a lot of brown specs from the almonds. It still looked mostly white…ish.

I finely chopped up the celery, parsley, and onion…and let go a tear or two. Recovering from near blindness I mixed it all up and tasted it before adding salt. It was okay…but I thought the salt really would make it taste a bit more like a salad and dominate the nut taste. The onions were not too powerful. I was careful adding the salt…taking a few minutes to add gradually more and mix it in thoroughly.  All that tasting might have deadened my taste buds. We’ll see tomorrow if it’s too much salt.

It’s packed up in the fridge and tomorrow i’ll try it in with my new bamboo sushi mat in a nori roll. Or whatever it’s called.  🙂
Thanks again Jennifer. This will make my diet more varied and has shown me how to experiment with similar tasting spreads. A few different herbs or spices with this consistency will make munching veg very nice.

May 26th entry:
Used it as a dip today with celery and carrot. Not too impressive. Bland. It’s healthy. It has those protein rich nuts in it, but i’m not encouraged to make it again. I tried mixing in the ranch dressing to give it more taste…but it really didn’t help other than a bit more taste of dill.

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