Note 12 (solid review)

This is more of a health comment, but after all the solid meals i’ve created this week my stomach felt uncomfortable. Almost like the feeling you get when food is bad. (cramps) My daughter has had none of this, so i’ll assume my stomach very quickly got used to the smoothies and is having trouble processing the solids…but would get used to them if I did it more often. An exception would be the times I just ate nuts, celery or carrot sticks without anything else. My stomach felt fine then. I think i’ll listen to my body and stick to the less sophisticated solids and the smoothies.

May 27th entry:
While eating some more cereal this morning (made too much for my daughter) I thought that perhaps i’m not chewing my food enough…which is creating mild cramps. Hard to say, as i’ve not been watching that carefully, and I do think about how much I chew. Nevertheless…my dominant behaviour during my life has been to not chew my food properly.

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