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I think i’m making more compost than I can deal with in my balcony planters. Also…had some difficulty blending this one. Had to stop and stir after attempting to push down with the tamper. The upper portion would not blend as if something was down in the blades…however…that would have typically led to overheating so I doubt anything was stuck. Suffice to say that occasionally one should expect to have to stop and stir if you can see the upper portion not blending.

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42~Green Smoothie

-2 gigantic leaves rainbow chard; 1 large carrot; 1/2 cup unchopped parsley; 3 banana; 2 apple; 1 mango, 2 heaping tbsp hemp seeds; 1 heaping tsp hemp protein; 2 heaping tsp cacao nibs; 6 ice cubes; 1 cup water Continue reading

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