45~Green Smoothie

-3 leaves lacinato kale; 1 cup unchopped parsley; 1 medium-sized carrot w/tops; 3 banana; 2 apple (red delicious); 1/2 cup hemp seeds; 8 ice cubes; 1 cup water

Made 1 L/5 cups

Colour is light bright green

Almost the same as #44 but without the mango and hemp protein. Less gritty…so I think it is the hemp protein…meaning adding more than 1 level teaspoon to 1 L is going to create that. Although it was a very low amount of grit.
I think the red delicious apples (or perhaps most apples) leave fleck’s of apple skin that one can taste. So if you want a perfectly smooth texture and add these apples I don’t think you’ll get it. But it gives you something to chew on a bit. (emphasis on “a bit” because it is very little) I don’t mind any of that at all. The apples are a great way to sweeten up the smoothie and they are a commonly found fruit in my area.
I had to use the tamper again. Again…I believe because of the smaller amount of water so I can use ice to cool the drink. And unlike #43 this one came out cooler. Maybe the lack of mango and an added apple from the fridge. But maybe also because of the way I added the ingredients. The bottom fruit mixed but the veg and ice did not, until I used the tamper.  After the tamper I added the kale and two more ice cubes. Finally…I added the third banana for a sweeter taste.

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