80~Almond Milk

-4 cups almonds soaked overnight in water; 6 medjool dates pitted; 5 cups water

Made 2 L/8 cups

Colour is a creamy light off-white

This is a watery and delicious milk. It tastes so beautiful one has to be careful to not drink too much. Greed will not succeed.  🙂  I irresistibly slugged back about 11 oz and it feels a bit heavy in my stomach at the moment.
My intention was to soak the almonds overnight. But I got busy and after doing that, and draining and rinsing them 3 times, I placed them in water in the fridge for another day.
I drained and rinsed them again, measured them, and placed them in the blender container.
I  put in 5 cups of water from my new reverse osmosis “no waste” water filtering system.
I removed the pits from 6 medjool dates and put them aside.
I started the blender up, from low speed 1 to high within seconds. Ran the blender on high for 15 seconds and stopped to add the dates. Ran the blender for another 10 seconds then stopped to use the spatula.  The container was full to the top and I could see that only the bottom 3/4 of the container were spinning while the top stood still, even though all of it looked like milk already. I repeated the starting and stopping to use the spatula two more times. Stopping when I saw the upper part not mixing. And then stopping for the last time when I could see the whole container spinning with milk. Probably two minutes in total. I ran the speed at around 3 for a bit. Playing with the speed to see if I could get the upper part to mix.
The mixer was just beginning to smell a bit, as if the motor was getting too hot. The milk was lightly warm so I let it out for about 30 minutes until refrigerating.
Another amazing gift from Nature. I am very grateful for this wonderful drink. ♥


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