81~Cream Tomato Soup

-4 tomatoes quartered; 1 avocado peeled and pitted; 1/2 cup cashew pieces; 1/4 cup hemp seeds; 3 finely chopped garlic cloves; 1/4 cup hemp oil; 2 tbsp lemon juice; 1/2 tsp sea salt; 1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper; 1/4 tsp cayenne powder

Made 1.25 L/5 cups

Colour is light orange, black speckled, pastel marvel  🙂

I wanted to take the previous tomato juice recipes that were tasting like gazpacho soup, and thicken it up. So I added more avocado and the cashew pieces to do so. It is so thick and creamy that it is more like a dip. I think i’m tasting more cashew than i’d like. So perhaps next time i’ll skip them all together, or just add another tomato or two.
I’m interested to taste it tomorrow after its been in the fridge for a day. This usually reduces the creaminess. It also tastes as if the extra avocado, hemp seeds and cashew may have reduced the spiciness.
I started by blending the oil, garlic, lemon juice and one halved tomato first. As usual, it splatter all over the inside of the container even though the speed was on low 1. It might have been better if I quartered those first two tomatoes and added the cashews or hemp seeds as well. I used the spatula to push down the splatter from the sides of the container then put in the cashews, hemp seeds, salt, pepper and cayenne. I blended on high for less than 10 seconds. It became very thick. I added one more tomato quartered, to mix the small items like garlic really well. Then finally adding the remaining tomatoes quartered and the avocado. I stopped once, to use the spatula to push down the contents on the sides, then ran for at least 30 seconds. The contents were warm when I was finished.
I think it tastes great as-is…but could use some more spice.


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