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Welcome to my raw foodist diary. Check out the “About” tab and this post for descriptions of myself and the process. Most of the posts in this blog are smoothie recipes i’ve made with my Vita-Mix blender. You can search for recipes using the “Category” widget in the right margin.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jeff Heeney and I live in Toronto, Canada.
This blog is a diary of my switch from vegetarian to raw foodist.
I began in May 2010, and most of the posts in this blog were daily recipes of meals I made with my blender or food processor. But as of July 2015 I changed the format to just three posts a month. One for daily meals during that month, with the occasional note regarding a change in the usual recipes. One for health, and another for costs.
Prior to July 2015 there was only 3 daily meals posts, and two other similar posts related to eating while travelling. All can be found easily in the list below.
Use the Category widget on the right side of the blog to find specific types of posts like smoothies, dips & spreads, sauces or others.
At the top of the page you’ll see an “Abouttab that goes in to more detail about myself.

In chronological order:

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