107~Green Smoothie

-5 leaves red chard; 1/2 cup chopped carrot with tops; 1 apple chopped without stem; 4 banana peeled; 7 medjool dates pitted; 2 cups coconut milk; 8 level tsp hemp protein (dark choc); 4 level tsp spirulina; 1/2 cup cold water

Made 1.5 L/6.5 cups

Colour is a very dark green

Very thick and fibrous. The fibre being from the coconut milk I didn’t strain. And the coconut taste is dominating this drink. Strange seeing all previous uses of coconut resulted in the loss of that taste. And the only difference here seems to be this coconut sat on my counter for two weeks and practically slipped out of its shell. It had small amounts of mold on the part inbetween the flesh and the husk.
It’s sweet. It’s good. It came out room temperature. I added the dates and banana last to sweeten it up. Had to add all those dates or they would soon have gone bad.
The apple was a red apple…but with light yellow streaks. Didn’t write down the type as it didn’t have a sticker to tell me what it was.


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