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156~Tomato Soup

-6 tomato quartered; 1 avocado peeled and pitted; 1 level tsp fresh ground black pepper; 1 level tsp sea salt Continue reading


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155~Green Smoothie

-4 leaves black kale chopped; 4 leaves red chard chopped; 1  1/2 cups chopped carrot; 2 large mango peeled and pitted; 2 small banana peeled; 1/2 cup cashew pieces; 1/4 cup hemp seeds; 4 level tsp spirulina; 4 level tbsp protein supplement (raw protein); 1 cup almond milk; 5 ice cubes; 1 cup cold water Continue reading

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Note 22 (aug/2010 – cost calculation)

In the month of August I was buying the same foods and making the same meals. Not much variation. I shopped more at The Big Carrot in August because Baldwin Naturals didn’t have mango’s, and when they had avocado’s they were not as nice as those at The Big Carrot. Continue reading

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Note 21 (4 month health review)

While in Ottawa during the latter part of August, I was able to use weight scales and was 135 lbs. For most of my adult life i’ve been inbetween 145 and 155.  Weight always fluctuates, and at another time during my stay I was 138. Focusing on my weight isn’t something I usually do, and it’s a bit annoying, but it’s really just a curiousity to see how the diet affects it. I’m not concerned about it. From what I can tell by looking in the mirror…it is stable now. Continue reading


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