168~Almond Milk

-3  1/2 cup soaked unpasteurized almonds; 5 cups cold water

Made 1.25 L/5 cups

Colour is white

Same procedure as previous almond milks except this may be the first time I used unpasteurized almonds. That and splitting the same sized container in half produced 1/2 cup more almonds after soaking than before.
I’ve notice before at The Big Carrot that bulk items were occasionally listed as pasteurized. But at the Baldwin Naturals store I just assumed their almonds were not. But the last time I was in they advertised having unpasteurized almonds from Spain. Advertised as if this was something new for the store.
So I now suspect that almonds are just one of those food products that are always pasteurized. And stores don’t list it.

My naive impression of pasteurization is that it is to eradicate disease-causing pests. The wiki link says it involves heat, and also states the processes efficiency is questionable. Either way…i’d rather avoid it.

These unpasteurized almonds did not look as nice (dry), or taste as nice (old?) as the ones i’d been getting. We’ll see this week if I notice any difference using it in smoothies.  It doesn’t taste any different to me.


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  1. The unpasteurized almonds made no noticeable difference in taste to the smoothies.
    It separated while sitting in the fridge, but they all do. Just stir it up before using it.

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