Solid 39 (almond butter)

-3 cups pre-soaked almonds; 4 tbsp hemp oil; 1 level tsp sea salt

Made .75 L/3 cups

Colour is off-white with red specks

Well…after so many recipes…this is the first one i’m tempted to throw away. Perhaps I should have checked Google first for other recipes, as I see these two have important information about the long time it takes. Also, something about the almonds not releasing their oil until a long time mixing.

Recipe 1 – Rawmazing
Recipe 2 – Bowl of Plenty

Neither of the above recipes talk about pre-soaking. Mine soaked overnight as I do with the milk. I guess it is unnecessary for making almond butter.

Placed almonds in the container, then the oil, then the salt. Blended on low 1 for about 5 minutes. No use of the tamper.
Used the tamper for about 2 minutes, pounding rapidly and hard. All on low 1 except for the last 20 seconds I put it up to low 4. The auto-shutdown kicked in.

I really miss a good nut butter…and although I didn’t do it for as long as the recipes suggest, I still think i’ll be buying a food processor as there’s less pushing down the sides. It just seems more suited for the job.


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