Solid 42 (almond butter)

-2 cups of almonds (not soaked)

Made .25 L/1 cup

Colour is light brown

Very thick. Creamy texture like heavily processed nut butters. A bit more dry but still a great nut butter. It came out very warm.

Using my new 7 cup food processor, I poured the nuts in, closed the top and pulsed for about 30 seconds until the nuts were small pieces.
Over 10 minutes I left the processor on, stopping 6 times to push down the sides with a spatula.
A few minutes later I noticed the food processor was getting so hot, that I felt my nut butter would not be considered “raw” if I continued. Due to the fact it was the first time this motor was being used, I removed the container off the base and let the machine sit and cool down for about 40 minutes.
The base was still very warm, but I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I finished the nut butter in about 4 more minutes. So as the site below points out, it takes about 15-20 minutes to do this, but it doesn’t mention the incredible heat generated by the base of the processor and how that also heats up the nut butter. I was starting to see vapour marks on the side of the plastic container when I stopped. Condensation. Perhaps larger processors, or different types, create less heat during this 20 minute usage.

As I always do…the nuts I used were raw and organic. These were not unpasteurized though, as i’ve not been able to find any in the past week.

I was using this blog post as a bit of a guide.



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2 responses to “Solid 42 (almond butter)

  1. I did not have a problem with my food processor getting hot. The butter does get warm, even warm enough to “steam” up the inside of the processor. But I kept a thermometer present the whole time and at no time did the almond butter get above 105 degrees. I think we forget that 115 is actually warm.

    2 cups might have been too much for your 7 cup processor. I do that in a 12 cup. You might want to try cutting the recipe in half.

  2. Thanks so much for your blog post and comment here Susan. Much appreciated. You’ve helped me get another nice food back in to my diet.

    The manual said the limit for nuts was 3 cups. I used 2 because the container the nuts came in just happened to be 2 cups.

    So…because i’m not really aware of how hot is too hot for raw food…the temperature I was feeling with my hands on the base of the food processor seemed serious. I guess my reaction may have made it sound like the processor can’t handle it. But I believe it is fine.

    Thanks again for your comments. They have helped me to feel more at ease about the whole process.

    Take care. 🙂

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