Note 57 (nov/2011 cost calculation)

Some more of the long-term purchases this month. Emptied the huge goji berry bag.

Mid-way through November my 10 lb bag of goji berries was gone. That’s about 9 weeks using 4 heaping tablespoons per day. Before that I always used 2 heaping tablespoons per day. So it could have lasted twice as long. They stayed nice and fresh. I packed them down hard in to several glass jars.

Bought another spirulina jar. The one I had was emptied on the 27th. Not sure how long that is. I’d guess about 4 months at 2 level teaspoons per day.

Another 14 oz container of cacao powder finished around the 14th. Started using a lot more of this a few months ago. In November I started buying some cacao nibs again and reduced the cacao powder a bit. But I think i’m going through these cacao powder containers about once-a-month.

Bought another 2 lb package of maca powder around the 14th. I think this has been lasting me about 3-4 months at 2 level teaspoons a day. I’ve just started using 4. Since I had reduced the cacao powder, I thought I could put more powder in without making the smoothie to gritty. Lots of good nutrients in maca and I figured this would be a better balance of those in my smoothie if I used a bit more.

Camu Camu powder is also something I bought this month. Near the end I finished what I had…and I think that lasted 4-5 months. The new container is 3.5 oz.

061.50/Nov 1 – The Big Carrot
049.92/Nov 3 – Baldwin Naturals
041.30/Nov 4 – Baldwin Naturals
094.24/Nov 8 – Baldwin Naturals
124.69/Nov ? – Baldwin Naturals
053.10/Nov 11 – Baldwin Naturals
020.75/Nov 14 – Baldwin Naturals
003.34/Nov 15 – No Frills
072.85/Nov 17 – The Big Carrot
083.37/Nov 21 – Baldwin Naturals
055.33/Nov 25 – Baldwin Naturals
084.23/Nov 28 – Baldwin Naturals
084.44.Nov 29 – The Big Carrot

I purchased 20 bottles of the raw salad dressing this month, which accounts for $150 of the total cost. Eight of those bottles are unopened and will be used in December. That’s about 12 bottles a month at $7.99 a bottle.

Four different purchases which last me for months are sprirulina ($57), maca ($36), camu camu ($18), and cacao nibs ($15). The cacao powder is $23 and will last about 2 months, less than the others.

Other small costs  typical for any month are 4 containers of goji berries at $10 each, two jars of olives at $8 each, and two jars of coconut butter at $13 each.

I think $650 is a more realistic cost for the month seeing $50 is the salad dressing carrying over in to December, and $150 is stuff that will last anywhere from 2-4 months. The more expensive items that last me a long time would not typically all be purchased in the same month. It’s a coincidence that has made my monthly purchases look much higher than normal.

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