746~Green Smoothie

-2 cups chopped lacinato kale; 2 cups chopped black kale; 2 cups chopped spinach; 2 cups chopped red chard; 1/2 cup chopped carrot; 3 small bananas peeled; 1 cup blueberries; 2 heaping tbsp goji berries; 1 heaping tsp cacao nibs; 1 heaping tbsp cashew pieces; 1 heaping tbsp hemp seeds; 1 heaping tbsp pumpkin seeds; 2 level tsp spirulina; 1/2 level tsp camu camu powder; 4 level tsp maca powder; 8 level tsp cacao powder; 1  heaping tbsp coconut butter; 1  1/2 pinches stevia concentrate; 14 ice cubes; 1  1/2 cup cold and filtered water

Made 2 L/8.5 cups

Colour is green

Same preparation method as previous green smoothies. (see Nov 2010)



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3 responses to “746~Green Smoothie

  1. Hmmm, sounds super nutritious! Need to try this to figure out if hubby will enjoy the taste early in the morning 🙂

  2. Hi Rimapir. 🙂

    You could always start out with less greens to make the taste better. However that might require less use of stevia…or that taste would be too strong.

    Going in to this kind of drink slowly, and working up to more greens…is a good way to get more committed to it if that’s your goal.

    I started using more fruit and less greens, and gradually changed both until it was reversed.

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