Note 66 (23 month health review)

Yoga disappeared and so did the sore back and cold sores.

I haven’t been able to get myself back in yoga since my decision to focus on a stressful task at home, and I had a sore back.
That stressful task is 95% complete and really isn’t a good excuse to not go to yoga at the moment. Hopefully I will get back in to it next month.
The sore back was gone for the most part. It came back slightly…even during the latter part of this month. Still, it wasn’t that bad that I could not go to yoga.
The salad dressing that I attribute to some cankers in the data below, didn’t do anything when I used up the other half of the same bottle. So it is obviously more than just the dressing.

-Mar 1 the cold sore in my nose has gone through its normal cycle…blistered and scabbed, the cankers are gone, my back is more sore again
-Mar 2 the cold sore is the same and my back is still sore
-Mar 3 the cold sore is the same, my back is a bit better, and a nose bleed started without me doing anything.
-Mar 4 the cold sore scab is breaking up…and my back is still unusually sore
-Mar 8 the cold sore scab was gone as of today…and my lower back was very good yesterday and today. A little stiff on the left side.
-Mar 9 and 10 some headaches for a few hours each day
-Mar 11 the moderate soreness in my lower back persists. Unusual is that it is going on for so long, and that it is mostly the left side of my lower back. Typically it has always been both sides. It still makes sense to me to attribute this to stress…from the task that has been keeping me busy at home since mid-December.
-Mar 17 my tongue felt like it was going to get a few cankers while eating a salad using the Purely Poppy dressing by Rawfoodz. I love their dressings but get this with a couple of them. However the sensations on my tongue went away soon after the salad was finished.
-Mar 20 approximately…once or twice in my upper back I could feel the muscle stiffen up in a very small area. I don’t recall getting that before. It went away quickly.
-Mar 26-28 it felt like a cold sore was beginning. A spot was sensitive, not tingling. But it went away. There was some stress at the time so it made sense that one might appear.

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