Note 67 (mar/2012 cost calculation)

Bought some more camu camu powder and spirulina this month. The last time I bought those was in November.So they are the two things I regularly buy which last the longest. In this case, three months.
The camu camu is $17.99 and the spirulina is $49.99 on sale. (regularly $60?)

063.36/Mar 2 – Baldwin Naturals
049.73/Mar 6 – Baldwin Naturals
059.80/Mar 8 – Baldwin Naturals
037.92/Mar 12 – The Big Carrot
161.72/Mar 16 – Baldwin Naturals
041.21/Mar 20 – Baldwin Naturals
043.41/Mar 22 – Baldwin Naturals
095.62/Mar 26 – Baldwin Naturals
062.64/Mar 28 – The Big Carrot
039.27/Mar 30 – Baldwin Naturals

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