1207~Green Smoothie

-8 cups chopped black kale; 1/2 cup chopped carrot; 1  1/2 cup diced broccoli; 2 cups whole strawberries; 2 banana; 1 heaping tbsp hemp seeds; 1 heaping tbsp goji berries; 1 heaping tbsp pumpkin seeds; 1 heaping tbsp flax seed; 2 level tsp spirulina; 1 heaping tsp cacao nibs; 1/2 level tsp camu camu powder; 2 level tsp maca powder; 10 level tsp cacao powder; 1 level tbsp coconut butter; 1/4 heaping tsp stevia concentrate; 14 ice cubes; 1  1/2 cups cold and filtered water

Made 2 L/8 cups

Colour is green

Same preparation method as previous green smoothies. (see Nov 2010)

The increase in stevia is not quite a “heaping” 1/4 teaspoon. I took 1 level 1/4 teaspoon and put it in. Then the second 1 level 1/4 teaspoon was cut in half. lol …there’s got to be a better way of measuring that.


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