Solid 158 (almond butter)

-2 cups unsoaked and unpasteurized raw almonds

Made 200 mL/1 cup

Colour is light brown

Thick, but smooth and a bit oily. Not dry.

This is a small change from my previous preparation method (see Solid 54)
I have been wondering for a long time why the almond butter is so dry. The answer is that I was not letting it blend long enough.
I never look at a clock and time it. I always assumed I was doing it the correct amount of time. Now I pay more attention to the texture, and stop the blending when the butter is more liquid. It kind of melts to the bottom of the blender, as opposed to before when it would “sit up” higher. (not settle)

Placed the 3 cups of almond in the food processor and blended until all is evenly mixed. (about 1-2 minutes)
It’s not necessary, but to avoid having to stop and scrape the almond butter off the side of the container frequently, I use “pulse” a lot. In the first 10-15 minutes of making the butter I will alternate from using pulses for 5-10 seconds, then not using it for 5-10 seconds. I am able to gradually let the processor go for longer periods of time without pulsing. I still have to stop and scrape the sides and bottom to mix it up, but this probably saves me some time overall.
I am not going to suggest an overall time to blend the almonds in to a butter. Blend until the almond butter is oily and more liquid in texture. It should look a bit shiny. I assume this is about 25-35 minutes.
I’m not sure if it is true, but to avoid any drying out of the butter I very quickly get it in to a jar and put the lid on. I do not put it in the fridge for the first 4-8 hours.
I eat about half a cup a day, so this lasts me about 5 days.

NOTE: on occasion there is a piece of shell in the almonds. If you hear something that sounds like a stone bouncing around in your food processor, it is shell. And at that point it may be broken up in to smaller pieces. I worry about breaking a tooth on something like that, so I will sometimes look through the almonds for shell as I put them in the food processor. They are not easy to see.

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