Note 136 (aug/2014 health review)

Notes on my health for the month of August.

-Aug 1-9, a few sneezes, a cut on the inside of my lip from biting it accidentally…which is taking over a week to heal, and increased agitation due to construction work in my home.
-Aug 10, i woke up with a neckache that lasted all day, gone in the evening, but then before bed a mild ache behind my eyes as well.
-Aug 11-15, the past three days i’ve had a sore lower back. It feels different than all previous ones since my twenties, but it seems capable of being as big of a problem as those. Previous ones were like a piercing pin-prick pain. This one seems more generalized. Either way, it is worse at night tossing and turning in bed. I don’t notice it much the rest of the day other than some stiffness. But at night when I move it feels so sore I have to pause for a second while I turn my torso.
-Aug 16-21, away from home from the 17th to the 20th. The sore back quickly disappeared after leaving home, but was replaced by constipation. Perhaps partly due to stress, and partly to eating a larger amount of dried foods. A bit more agitation than usual, but mostly due to construction work still going on in my home.
-Aug 22-28, i’ve noticed no more subtle issues with my eyes in the past two weeks. It had become hard to tell earlier this month…if the eye problem was still there. But the difference I feel now, compared to earlier this month is obvious. So it must be gone as of about 1-2 weeks ago. Feeling good overall, just some stress from construction in and around my home and a family transition.
-Aug 28-31, too busy to make entries at that time…but I don’t recall any issues. I had noticed very little agitation…which I thought strange as I was going through a stressful transition. However I was also off work for some vacation at home. Perhaps the vacation time did what it was supposed to…and/or…the three stressful things at that time were almost over.

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