Note 177 (dec/2015 cost calculation)

A list of expenses for the month of December.

034.48/Dec 2 – Baldwin Naturals
094.38/Dec 4 – Baldwin Naturals
023.05/Dec 7 – Baldwin Naturals
023.12/Dec 8 – Baldwin Naturals
080.01/Dec 9 – Baldwin Naturals
063.66/Dec 11 – Baldwin Naturals
094.52/Dec 14 – Baldwin Naturals
047.85/Dec 16 – Baldwin Naturals
141.02/Dec 18 – Baldwin Naturals
060.49/Dec 21 – The Big Carrot
136.54/Dec 23 – Rainbow Foods (Ottawa)
005.74/Dec 24 – Metro (Ottawa)
131.36/Dec 27 – The Big Carrot
094.66/Dec 30 – Baldwin Naturals
016.05/Dec 31 – Bruno’s Fine Foods

I purchased a lot of food for the holiday that I normally don’t buy. (salsa, hummus, breads, cashew cheeses, corn chips)
I bought some more maca powder and calcium supplements this month.
I bought some alcohol which is not included above. A total of 21.90.



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