Note 226 (apr/2017 health review)

Notes on my health for the month of April.

Apr 1 – [4 hours sleep] – neck is sore this morning and a minor headache.
Apr 2 – [7 hours sleep] – no change in my right leg
Apr 3 – [7 hours sleep] – no change in my right leg. Increased agitation the past few days that must in part be due to sleep loss.
Apr 4 – [6.5 hours sleep] –
Apr 5 – [6.5 hours sleep] – woke up 30 minutes early and could not get back to sleep. Have been skipping yoga to see if it will help my knee.
Apr 6 – [7.5 hours sleep] –
Apr 7 – [6 hours sleep] –
Apr 8 – [8.5 hours sleep] – my knee might be getting better. It doesn’t seem as still when i’m sitting at work for an hour and get up to walk. A bit of a headache in the afternoon and evening.
Apr 9 – [8 hours sleep] – got about 20 minutes of sun this morning. My right shoulder has been mildly sore for months and prevented me from bending my head over as much as I can on my left, but the past few days it got worse. My lower back seems stiffer also.
Apr 10 – [5 hours sleep] – couldn’t get to sleep, awake for hours in bed, very sore neckache all evening
Apr 11 – [7.5 hours sleep] – the usual dry skin and bleeding nose issues have been gone for many weeks due to the changing weather, but got a minor bleeding nose this evening.
Apr 12 – [7 hours sleep] –
Apr 13 – [5 hours sleep] – sleeping better
Apr 14 – [7 hours sleep] –
Apr 15 – [9 hours sleep] – knee feels better but there’s still an obvious problem if I attempt to fold my lower leg up against my buttocks. I’ve made an appointment with a physician for April 25. Getting some sores on my lips and tongue…perhaps stress related. Nothing serious like a Cold Sore. Got out on the balcony for some sun a couple of times in the past week. Haven’t been taking Vitamin D for months.
Apr 16 – [7 hours sleep] –
Apr 17 – [5.5 hours sleep] –
Apr 18 – [8.5 hours sleep] – looks like the sore on my lip is a Cold Sore. It is now a scab.
Apr 19 – [7 hours sleep] –
Apr 20 – [9 hours sleep] –
Apr 21 – [6.5 hours sleep] – lower back still feels more sore than usual, right leg still feels like it is getting better but get the occasional pain
Apr 22 – [4.5 hours sleep] – Cold Sore almost healed. Large hemorrhoid appeared yesterday. (large bump) Never seen anything like it before. All previous ones had no bump of any kind, more like a scratch or cut. [slept 1 hour], [rested 2 hours]
Apr 23 – [5 hours sleep]
Apr 24 – [8 hours sleep] – Cold Sore is gone.
Apr 25 – [7 hours sleep] – saw a physician today and was told my abstinence from yoga “was working”and I could continue like that until it was all better, but that I could also get a bit of physiotherapy as well. That there is no permanent damage, and referred to it as “medial meniscus irritation in yoga“. My leg and knee was twisted in all sorts of directions, pressure was applied in many spots, but I hardly felt anything as it is mostly gone. But I will call and get some phsysio soon.
Apr 26 – [7 hours sleep] – woke up early and had trouble getting in another hour sleep. Trouble getting to sleep at night. Hemorrhoid showing signs of going away.
Apr 27 – [8 hours sleep] –
Apr 28 – [6 hours sleep] – i’ve been feeling some minor pain in a different spot in my right knee since the physician applied pressure in different places. It comes and goes a few times each day. I’m worried it has to do with when she pushed down on my knee cap as it was already sensitive.
Apr 29 – [10 hours sleep] – minor bleeding nose this morning.
Apr 30 – [7 hours sleep] -minor allergy symptoms starting this past week or so. Nose getting clogged, but primarily the left nostril where I get a bleeding nose throughout the dry winter months. The pains in my right knee appear to have gone away.

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