Most of my grocery shopping is done at one of two places, Baldwin Naturals or The Big Carrot. However when starting this diet I looked at some other familiar places, and some that are near my workplace and home. This list is based on that initial search…not what’s available in Toronto.

The Toronto Vegetarian Association web page keeps an extensive list of restaurants and stores that may help you find similar places in your area of Toronto. Use the map to locate a place near you:


  • Baldwin Naturals16 Baldwin St., 416-979-1777
    This is my favourite because it is so close to my workplace. It is right across from the TVA office as well. I also get a discount there when I buy a TVA membership. They have all the organic fresh vegetables and fruit I need. Lots of organic nuts, seeds, and dried fruit as well. Really friendly and helpful staff.
  • The Big Carrot348 Danforth Ave., 416-466-2129
    This is the best fresh produce store i’ve seen in Toronto. A huge selection of organic fresh produce. Lots of bulk grains and nuts. Lots of packaged goods. A bakery. A restaurant. Nutrionists on-site. If I lived closer i’d shop here all the time. I tend to go once or twice a month.
  • The Healthe Shoppe 1375A Yonge St., 416-968-1225
    This is the closest health food store to where I live and i’ve been going here for many years. I don’t go very often because they don’t have much organic fresh produce. However the staff are very friendly and helpful, and they have packaged organic foods and bulk foods.
  • The Healthy Butcher – 298 Eglinton Ave. W.
    Lots of local organic fresh produce here. This is near my home and I only go when I run out during a weekend. It is a nice short walk from where I live, and the best place for fresh produce in the area.
  • Noah’s Natural Foods2395 Yonge St, 416-488-0904
    I’ve been in this store about twice in four years. It’s not that close to where I live but they did have a lot more fresh organic produce the last time I was there in 2014.
  • Loblaws Forest Hill396 St. Clair Ave. W., 416-651-5166
    I haven’t been here in years as it is not convenient, but like a few large grocery stores they are beginning to carry some organic fresh produce. Not enough for me to shop there exclusively. They had a small section with organic foods as well…but I have not been there since 2013.
  • Loblaws St. Clair Market 12 St. Clair Ave. E., 416-960-8108
    I used to shop here all the time before my raw food diet. Since then they have started to purchase organic fresh produce. I shop here if I cannot get organic banana’s, avocado’s, apples or greens at my usual store. It’s usually just the packaged organic greens. It is inside the office tower at the northeast corner of St. Clair and Yonge.
  • St. Lawrence Market (north)92 Front St. East
    This is the best farmers market in Toronto. I haven’t been here in years as i’m not an early riser…and this is a Saturday only event…5am – 3pm. I’m not sure how much organic fresh produce is available but there must be some…and it will be local. NOTE: relocated temporarily due to construction
  • St. Lawrence Market (south)92 Front St. East
    This is a wonderful part of Toronto and fun to visit if you love all types of foods. To see related stores, go to their directory and select “organic” or “produce/fruits” from their pull-down menu option. I see three fresh produce stores listed. I have shopped at two, one upstairs and the one downstairs that I prefer. And the Cruda Cafe is near the downstairs one.

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