As a link to find stores for your fresh produce, here’s the Toronto Vegetarian Association directory. Use the map to locate a place near you:


  • Baldwin Naturals16 Baldwin St., 416-979-1777
    This is my favourite as it is so close to my workplace, and they have all the organic fresh vegetables and fruit I need. It’s tiny…but they cram so much in their store it’s unbelievable. Lots of organic nuts, seeds, and dried fruit as well. Really friendly and helpful staff.
  • The Big Carrot348 Danforth Ave., 416-466-2129
    If there’s another store in Toronto that caters to organic fresh produce like this place, I want to see it. Huge selection of organic fresh produce. Lots of bulk grains and nuts. Lots of packaged goods. A bakery. A restaurant. Nutrionists on-site. If I lived nearby, this is where i’d go. I only go here to spoil myself on days I feel like making the extra trip. (Sept 2010 entry:  go here once or twice a week now)
  • Evergreen Natural Foods513 St. Clair Ave, W., 416-536-2932
    Tried this once while exploring the area where I live. I didn’t see much fresh produce. Haven’t gone back to check because it is a little out of my way.
  • Harbourfront Organic Foods92 Front St. E., 416-363-3942
    Lots of organic fresh produce here and bulk bins of organic nuts. Even some unpasteurized almonds. Very pleasant staff. And a fridge full of other things like coconut butter (or was it oil?) and fresh herbs. Cruda Cafe is right beside it, so stop by and purchase something there too!
    Located in section B3 of the St. Lawrence Market Hall building, north-east corner of the basement. (floor-plan of the building)
  • The Harvest Wagon1103 Yonge St., 416-923-7542
    Went here once as I needed some tomatoes. Not much organic here for me so won’t be going back. Inbetween Summerhill and Rosedale.
  • The Healthe Shoppe 1375A Yonge St., 416-968-1225
    This is the closest health food store to where I live and i’ve been going here for over 8 years. I don’t go very often anymore as they don’t have much fresh produce and i’m avoiding packaged foods. However the staff are friendly and helpful, and it is a great store for many things.
  • Noah’s Natural Foods2395 Yonge St, 416-488-0904
    Stopped in to check out their fresh organic produce and get some raw almonds. After getting home and opening the bag I found the almonds had gone bad. They didn’t have much organic fresh produce. Expensive organic raw food…hand packed by the store and has gone bad…is a good sign to stay away.
  • Loblaws Forest Hill396 St. Clair Ave. W., 416-651-5166
    Only went here once while exploring for organic fresh produce near my home. They did have some, but not a big enough selection for my diet.
  • Loblaws St. Clair Market 12 St. Clair Ave. E., 416-960-8108
    Similar to the Forest Hill Loblaws except 10 times less organic fresh produce. I don’t use this store anymore, but spent 8 years buying everything here as it was convenient and I wasn’t buying organic at the time. Inside the office tower at the northeast corner of St. Clair and Yonge.
  • St. Lawrence Market (north)92 Front St. East (floor-plan)
    I haven’t been here in years. Always a wonderful place to visit, but I often think of it as an early Saturday venue and i’m not usually up early. So this isn’t a fair revue…i’ll revisit this after i’ve gone as a “raw organic” shopper.  :)
  • St. Lawrence Market/Hall (south)92 Front St. East (floor-plan)
    Always a pleasure to visit this old building with its many vendors. The visitor is overwhelmed by the smell of all types of foods. They have a few organic fresh produce stores here, and the Crude Cafe which is mostly raw and organic. (see my separate reviews for them in this list)
  • University of Toronto Farmers Market5 Bancroft Avenue
    I work at UofT and often forget about this wonderful little market. My good friend Brian reminded me and I witnessed the most gigantic and beautiful chard i’d ever seen. For $12 I got a bunches of chard, carrots, kale, and celery. Beautiful looking carrots too. It was a little tent set up outside the Earth Sciences library building. Friendly people. It seems they have a “box” arrangement as well…where you book in advance and they pack everyone the same kind of “box of food” for wednesday pickup. Very convenient for UofT students, staff and faculty.
  • Whole Foods Market87 Avenue Rd., 416-944-0500
    I went here because a product web page said their line was carried by Whole Foods. I didn’t find it. Probably only available in the U.S. locations. The store is gigantic. Typical large grocery store except they had a fairly large amount of organic fresh produce, a small raw food rack (it was getting dusty…lol), and a very large health supplements section. There was a good selection of raw organic grains, seeds, and nuts as well. This store is fairly close to where  I work. And it’s the only place I know of right now that has the Living Foods Raw Protein supplement. So I will go back for that. I also bought some reishi, and cordyceps here. Not as good as The Big Carrot for variety of organic fresh produce and grains etc…but still very good if it is more convenient for you.

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